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  Alabama Land Surveying web site  is to promote the Alabama Land Surveyor by educating the public on land surveying and the Alabama Land Surveyor. Whether in Clanton, Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook, Wetumpka, Pike Road or Hope Hull, Land Surveying is the same, this site is to share, discuss , teach and better educate the public in Alabama Land Surveying.    

The following have been taken from an old book written in 1917 by N.O. Shively, The U Book Selling One`s Self.
The game of business must be played by rules. The beginner is handicapped because of a lack of knowledge and experience; the ignorant lose because of a lack of study; the egotist because he fails to heed the pitfalls pointed out to him.   ……. The recompense we get for our toil depends on the market value of our capital stock —– Ability, and our knowledge of the principles involved……… Our success in life is determined by our ability to sell ourselves, our talents, our desires.
There isn't a  successful man in America today who has not spent time and effort in preparation.
Whenever you find a man on top in the world`s conflict, you can make up your mind that he did not light there, but he had to climb.
The road to failure is smooth and well-beaten, but he who selects the road to achievement must expect to climb the boulders of jealousy; be pricked by the thorns of envy; inherit the hatred of mankind. It takes will and determination to push onward in the face of these obstacles.
…….. To the man who is down-and-out, for the world to him is bitter. To the girl who is discouraged, for she needs a helping hand. To  the youth whose confidence in man has been shaken, for he needs a strengthening of  his faith. We all are headed for the same goal, so why do we oppress each other?………..
Glen Tanner Land Surveying is dedicated to quality land surveying and to enlighten the public about land surveying. If you need help with your land surveying needs in the Montgomery area, please call us at (334) 625-8175 or go to our Contact Page.

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