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Understanding Old  Surveys


Glen Tanner, PLS

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  Understanding Old Surveys isn't something you can learn overnight and sometimes takes years to perfect. Maybe this will help you in Understanding Old Surveys,  shown below is a copy of an Old Survey, the NW and SW corner are shown as being existing irons.

Boundary Survey - Old Survey Example

Can you pick the 2 existing irons out of the pictures shown below? Understanding Old Surveys and old deeds is an important key to finding old corners. If you don`t understand you may never find that existing iron.

Have you figured it out?

IF YOU PICKED THESE 2 YOU ARE CORRECT. Not the kind of existing iron you would expect to find, no iron ore in these 2 existing irons, all wood here.

You really wouldn’t expect this one to be a corner, both corners verified by adjoining property owner. It appears to be a cherry knot.

Glen Tanner, PLS – All Copyrights Reserved

If you need help finding your TRUE property corners, hire a competent, licensed Alabama Land Surveyor,  Glen Tanner @ Glen Tanner Land Surveying has been surveying in the Montgomery, Autauga, Elmore and surrounding Counties for over 30 years. Call us at 334-625-8175 or fill out our Contact Form.

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